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SN#       DATE          PUBLICATIONS
12      Aug-2016       Sample Paper for Junior Clerk posittion
11      Aug-2016       Sample Paper for Commandos position
10      May-2016       PFC Brochure
09      Apr-2015       IPA Shooting Competition Brochure
08      Mar-2016       SWAT Brochure
07      Mar-2016       IPA Brochure
06      Jan-2015       SSU Brochure
05      Jan-2015       Promise of Peace Brochure
04      Jan-2015       HEAT Brochure
03      Jan-2015       Elite Magazine
02      Jun-2014       Elite Training Booklet
01      Jun-2014       Elite Brochure
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099         20-Mar-2017      SSU Commando became world champion
097         28-Feb-2017      28 SSU Commandos Trained at NSOTC
096         25-Feb-2017      HEAT Program- Citi Bank Staff
095         25-Feb-2017      IPA Elections held at KPO
094         13-Feb-2017      Seminar on Chikungunya & Dengue
093         01-Jan-2017      Quran Khawani held at SSU HQ
092         29-Dec-2016      SSU won Martial Arts Championship
091         24-Dec-2016      Visit of Government Officials at SSU HQ
090         21-Dec-2016      Visit to martyred commando's families
089         09-Dec-2016      Jashan-e-Eid Milad-Un-Nabi(SAW)
088         03-Dec-2016      ASsP visit at SSU HQ
087         25-Oct-2016      Blood donation - Dargah Shah Noorani
086         25-Oct-2016      Security for Polio Teams
085         30-Sep-2016     SSU Commandos trained at ASF Academy
084         22-Sep-2016     International Peace Conference at SSU
083         03-Sep-2016     HEAT - Habib Girls School
082         02-Sep-2016     Appreciation by Chinese Delegation
081         23-Aug-2016     SSU Commandos flag march in Karachi
080         14-Aug-2016     Independence Celebration at SSU HQ
079         14-Aug-2016     Guard of Honour by SSU Contingent
078         13-Aug-2016     Flag March by SSU Commandos
077         10-Aug-2016     Training at Malir Cantonment
076         06-Aug-2016     Schedule for Recruitment 2016
075         04-Aug-2016     SSU assessed by German mission
074         03-Aug-2016    Hong Kong Police Officer appreciation
073         29-Jul-2016       Appreciation by Corps Commander
072         21-Jul-2016       Human Rights/Law Enforcement
071         15-Jul-2016       Visit by under 18 Football Team
070         10-Jul-2016       Quran Khawani held for Edhi Sahab
069         04-Jul-2016       Visit to SSU Martyrs on Eid-ul-FItr
068         11-Jun-2016      28 Cops completed training at SSU
067         03-Jun-2016      Mr. Rashid Latif visit SSU Headquarter
066         02-Jun-2016      Mr. Amir Khan visit SSU Headquarter
065         31-May-2016      71 Cops Trained
064         28-May-2016      Ms. Aseefa Bhutto Zardari visit PFC
063         26-May-2016      Training to follow Human Rights
062         23-May-2016      Shooting competition at Sihala
061         19-May-2016      Conference on Human Rights
060         18-May-2016      Coordination Conference at SSU HQ
059         30-Apr-2016       CPLC lauds PFC Operations
058         29-Apr-2016       Police Facilitation Centre
057         21-Apr-2016       CPLC delegation visits SSU
056         06-Apr-2016       Flag March by SSU Commandos
055         01-Apr-2016       IGP Sindh's SSU's Visit
054         15-Mar-2016       H.E.A.T. Federal Urdu University
053         14-Mar-2016       Polio Eradication & Bye-Election
052         10-Mar-2016       American Consul General visits SSU
051         08-Mar-2016       H.E.A.T. SBB University Lyari
050         03-Mar-2016       Madadgar-15: Performance in Feb
049         02-Mar-2016       VC SBB Lyari University
048         02-Mar-2016       GoS Secretaries visit SSU
047         01-Mar-2016       DG Ranger's SSU's Visit
046         27-Feb-2016       KU Criminology Department's visit
045         24-Feb-2016       200 Commandos deployed at Sanghar
044         23-Feb-2016       Appreciation by VC UoK
043         22-Feb-2016       IPA membership
042         22-Feb-2016       Condolence Meeting at SSU
041         17-Feb-2016       Nomination as Chairperson URGC
040         16-Feb-2016       H.E.A.T. Hamdard University
039         16-Feb-2016       Firing course at Jehlum
038         15-Feb-2016       Deployment for Polio Campaign
037         11-Feb-2016       Counter Terrorism University
036         11-Feb-2016       Sindh Police Management Board
035         09-Feb-2016       H.E.A.T. Jinnah University for Women
034         04-Feb-2016       H.E.A.T. University of Karachi
033         26-Jan-2016       3 arrested for hoax bomb call
032         25-Jan-2016       Action against fake calls on 15
031         23-Jan-2016       Appreciation by Home Minister Sindh
030         21-Jan-2016       Commandos deployed for Election
029         13-Jan-2016       Madadgar 15 - On-spot arrest
028         12-Jan-2016       Duty with Polio Teams
027         08-Jan-2016       Security for Polio Teams
026         08-Jan-2016       Quick response by 15
025         08-Jan-2016       Pak Super League - National Stadium
024         04-Jan-2016       H.E.A.T National Institute of Mgmt
023         01-Jan-2016       Madadgar Call Center in 2015
022         01-Jan-2016       Command & Control Center in 2015
021         31-Dec-2015       Annual Performance of SSU in 2015
020         30-Dec-2015       Election Duty Shaheed Benazirabad
019         29-Dec-2015       4th CNS Shooting Championship
018         26-Apr-2015       NTS Test
017         17-Apr-2015       Achievements of SSU Commandos
016         03-Apr-2015       Attack on SSU BUS
015         02-Apr-2015       Civil Service Academy Officers
014         01-Apr-2015       Achievements of Madadgar 15
013         05-Mar-2015       H.E.A.T Karachi Grammar School
012         02-Mar-2015       H.E.A.T Indus University
011         18-Feb-2015        H.E.A.T Mama Parsi
010         13-Feb-2015        Youm-e-Shuhada
009         12-Feb-2015        H.E.A.T Beaconhouse
008         09-Feb-2015        Seminar on Change
007         04-Feb-2015        Seminar on Cancer
006         02-Feb-2015        NTS Test
005         28-Jan-2015        CSR Training
004         27-Jan-2015        Police Facilitation Centre
003         12-Jan-2015        NTS Test
002         10-Jan-2015        NTS Test
001         09-Jan-2015        Promise of Peace
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SN#         ISSUE
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01             01            January-2015           Download
Administrator DHA, CPLC Chief and Commandant SSU held a coordination conference at SSU HQ
Program on Special Security Unit - SSU telecasted on Dunya News Channel Show 'Mahaaz'
SSU conducted Hostile Environment Awareness Training at University of Karachi, Karachi
Program on Special Security Unit - SSU telecasted on 24 News Channel show 'Inkashaf '
Visit of Chairman PPP, Mr. Bilawal Bhutto Zardari to SSU HQ
Program on Special Security Unit - SSU telecasted on NEO TV Channel Show 'Muhasira'.
Documentary of SSU Sindh Police
Interview-Of-Mr-Maqsood-Ahmed-Commandant-SSU-On-Aired-On-Jaag-Tv-Program-"Run-Down" -22-06-2016
Visit of IGP Sindh, Mr. A.D. Khowaja at SSU Head Quarter on April 01, 2016.
A delegation of US Consulate led by Mr. Brian G. Heath, Consul General of USA in Karachi visited SSU HQ on 10.03.16.
British Professional Boxer Amir Khan, A Former Unified WBA & IBF Champion visit to SSU HQ
SSU is the only Police Unit of Pakistan certified by ISO for Anti Terrorism and securing vital installations